Services Monitor Cronjob for Linux

After searching for several hours for a decent direct explanation of how to Monitor or automate a script to check for critical service that’s run on Linux Box, which is Ubuntu in my case, I’ve decided to post a little help for Linux Administrators out there.

Refurbishing Your Identity? Rebranding

Well, whether you answer Yes or No, the time has come anyway to rethink your Company’s Identity ie Rebranding! Mostly it happens to Companies that are evolving, getting better or just reviving their existence, that’s where LogoSnap comes in to save the day!

Startup Weekend: uTrack TV Motoring on to new ideas

After 54 hours, a nine-team strong competition and a couple of restless nights, a group of motoring enthusiasts drove a simple idea into reality when they took home the winning cash prize during a thrilling search for innovative business ideas.

Install CPanel or Plesk on Linux

I decided to compile this after searching for it and could only find few resources, so here’s how to download and install CPanel or SWSoft PLESK on RedHat Linux.

Bahrain Sand Story

This is a story of a the Nation of the Kingdom of Bahrain .. and a Vision of a King.

A Tiny Place on the Beach, Morocco

After taking a long walk on one of the northern beached of Morocco, you might get across many tiny restaurants, this one called “La Luna dela Nouche” (The Moon of the Night in Spanish) and owned by a guy called Mansour, which he also cooks the food himself. We started with an appetizer which was a French Fries and […]

Android 2.3 & Adobe Flash Player Content Viewer Review

As the excitement grows up with Adobe our ambitious as mobile App developers grows up with too, the latest development of Adobe AIR from the previous version of 2.5 until 2.7, as I personally experienced after signing up the prerelease program, a very clever decision was taken to just make the whole Adobe Flash Player […]