This is the story of uTrack TV the Company that I created and turned to be the most valuable exit of my life and now I’m absolutely fresh and ready for my next project, Doy Technology. (that’s my Greek definition for invincibility!) That Company was founded in November 11th, 2012 by Hasan AlDoy. The 3 … Continued

People often discuss designing and development websites conversely. With all due respect, it is hard to separate between the two on the possibility that you are not assigned with the right business role. Incase that you are a customer who is just hoping to have your site up and running, then this distinction will be immaterial to … Continued

After searching for several hours for a decent direct explanation of how to Monitor or automate a script to check for critical service that’s run on Linux Box, which is Ubuntu in my case, I’ve decided to post a little help for Linux Administrators out there.