Who’s Hasan?

Started my career in Bahrain TV (2000) as a designer and OnAir interactive games developer for many TV shows and several other web-based software, interactive games or trivia contests for television shows were aired on both Bahrain TV Arabic and English Channels, and several other channels (2003-2005).

Designed & maintained 50+ websites worldwide, started in 1993 as a RITSEC Internet user in Cairo, Egypt. Since then I’ve established ALDOY W2 (Web Works) then Onlination in 2009, eventually doy.tech was established as a domain during my stay in San Francisco, California (2015).

In 2010, I proudly joined the Bahrain National Charter Monument (Biggest Museum in Bahrain) as an Interactive Developer for the ~100 touch screen arcades/information panels in operation within the building.

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