Bahrain National Charter Monument

The National Charter Monument

Area: SouthernStart Date: 21 February 2004
Status: Completed ProjectsEnd Date: 28 February 2009

Project Description:
The contemporary design of the proposed Bahrain Monument at Sakhir represents an international regional significance to celebrate and commemorate the vast outpouring of National support shown by citizens and organizations within the Kingdom of Bahrain.
The overriding consideration that influenced the design was the attempt to express the great achievements of the modern Kingdom of Bahrain in a physical form, commensurate with its regional and national importance to the Kingdom of Bahrain. The Monument aspires to become a symbol of the national status of the Kingdom of Bahrain.
The Site’s area is 8.45 Hectares and is located on the west side of the Road to the Sakhir Palace.
The project consists of the 2 storeyed circular Museum building around a central pond with a Sun Dial which is 65m high and an Amphitheatre. The pond leads to a 12 meter high Bronze Fountain to the West side of the central axis of the Museum Building. The Museum building is surrounded on the outside by a circular two-tiered Arcade with free standing Feature Walls radiating out. On the east side of the central axis of the Museum building, across the road is the Parade ground and the Eternal Flare. The External Works & Services include parking for 240 cars.
The project is designed & supervised by M/s Yousif Daoud AlSayegh.The construction Contract for the Base Building & External Works was carried out by M/s G.P.Zachariades Overseas.The construction Contract for the Exhibition Fit-out is progressing.

Ministry of Works