What’s VG55 on Bahrain TV?

VG55 – Stands for Video Games 55.

Produced and Presented by Baraa Abdulla

Edited and Directed by Hasan AlDoy

It’s a show on Bahrain TV debut in November 2016, it’s all about video gaming, the show covered many major events around the region.

Here is the list of episodes since June 2017

1st Episode: Gaming and pop culture events in Bahrain
2nd Episode: Uncharted 4
3rd Episode: Mortal Kombat & Batman Fun Facts
4th Episode: Street Fighter V Ozone Tournament
5th Episode: IGN 2016 Press conference with the celebs: Kurt Angel, Giancarlo Esposito, Alodia, Hakuie
6th Episode: Ground Zero & Overwatch
7th Episode: The Last Guardian
8th Episode: DragonBall Xenoverese 2
9th Episode: The GCC Majors review and interviews
10th Episode: The GCC Majors, WhiteTowerQ8 interview & The GCC Majors StreertFighterV Finals
11th Episode: The GCC Majors, King of Fighters Grand finals
12th Episode: The GCC Majors, Super Smash Grand finals
13th Episode: The GCC Majors, Guilty Gear Xrd Grand finals
14th Episode: The LEGO special
15th Episode: Resident Evil 7 Media, Partner and Game Launch events coverage
16th Episode: World Series of Video Game Maldives 2015
17th Episode: Horizon Zero Dawn
18th Episode: VG55 Clash Royale Tournament
19th Episode: Clash Royale brief intro
20th Episode: Kuwait / Saudi / UAE Comic Cons
21st Episode: Nvidia Geforce overwatch Middle East Cup 2nd Qualifier finals

Season 2

22nd Episode: The Killer Bee Episode
23rd Episode: Nvidia Geforce overwatch Middle East Cup 4th Qualifier finals.
24th Episode: Nvidia Geforce overwatch Middle East Cup grand finals.
25th Episode: The Fast and the Furious
26th Episode: W2k17 featuring Dubai Pro Wrestling
27th Episode: King Arthur Legend of the Sword
28th Episode: Portal Knights
29th Episode: Marvel vs Capcom series
30th Episode: Hearth Stone intro with Fireside Bahrain
31st Episode: Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2
32nd Episode: Zelda Breath of the Wild
33rd Episode: Hobby Nation & Omani Gamers episode
34th Episode: Hakoom interview
35th Episodes: Youtubers Interview with Arab Hardware, DeeraGaming, Sindy Mohamed
36th Episode: Wonderboy the dragon’s trap
37th Episode: Digital Gaming Conference Dubai
38th Episode: Uncharted Episode
39th Episode: Dungeons & Dragons part 1
40th Episode: Agents Of Mayhem
41st Episode: Call Of Duty WW2 Private Beta

You can watch some highlights of the show or full episodes on Bahrain TV YouTube Channel

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