Startup Weekend Bahrain Success Story: Hasan ALDOY

Hasan Al Doy, founder of uTrackTV and 2012 Startup Weekend winner, discusses his experience of being at the event and some advice he would give to upcoming participants!


Hasan ALDOY, uTrack TV Founder Pitching on Stage

“So Hasan, tell us more about uTrackTV. Was it the original idea pitched at Startup Weekend or did it transform from something else?”

The idea came purely from our own frustration in the lack of media coverage in the field of Motorsports which affects the exposure that any sponsor needs in order to invest into a driver or a team. Our passion turned into motive that shaped our “idea” into reality over the past 2 years. We have come way ahead than any of us ever dreamt of! We have been live streaming Motorsport Events all over the GCC and many other sports, conferences and festivals to a total of 97 Events from 4 Continents and have reached a total of 5 Millions views. Today we are considered as the first choice of Live Video Production and Live streaming Service Provider to many regional corporates and event organizers.

We’ve almost stayed on the original idea, but we’ve developed our Wireless GoPro Cameras into a Tsunami of brilliance and extended its range to be able to cover many hidden aspects of many of the events we’ve been to. We’ve doubled the number of team members, top-edge professional cameras and of course our first hand-built fully equipped O.B. Van.

uTrack TV Outside Broadcasting Van
uTrack TV Outside Broadcasting Van

“How has your experience at Startup Weekend been? What were your biggest challenges at the event?”

 The 2012 Bahrain Startup Weekend was the Grandmother of all Epic Startup Challenges of the World, we’ve learned so much in those 54 hours that we wouldn’t have learned in 3 months! The magic was happening right in front of the screens through wireframes of the App and we were looking up to it on the screens just like a mother seeing her baby on the Ultra-sound monitors! At first, our biggest challenge was the name of the project which then turned on the final day into a struggle of staying awake for the final presentation. What a drama it was!

Startup Weekend uTrack TV Team
Startup Weekend uTrack TV Team

 “Are there any crucial topics a startup team should focus on and discuss with mentors?”

 Most the lessons learned were unexpected by the team, but what really makes it worth the time is discussing your final presentation and to what extent your prototype could be usable, the more functionality it has, the more convincing to the jury it will be and that shows how you and your team are serious about it.

 “Based on your experiences, what advice would you give to the entrepreneurs who are going to participate this year?”

 At first make sure your 60 seconds pitch is interesting, but NOT mysterious, other members needs to understand it well and show genuine interest into the project.

Once the clock starts ticking, make sure all your team members are assigned a task to complete in few hours, plot all your ideas and organize them and be ready for quick visits from mentors. Make your ¾ way through your deadline, to have enough time to rehearse your final pitch. Stay hydrated, it’s like a walk in the desert but this year’s event happens to be at, in the heart of our beautiful Capital Manama, you have no choice of not finishing the journey, dead or alive.

Happy Igniting Your Startup Everyone!


uTrack TV Full-time Team members:

Ali Mahmoud – Marketing

Fahad AlTamimi – Shooting Director

Hisham Tawfiqi – Visionary & Producer

Abdullah Rahal – Visionary & Producer