Sony Internet TV with Google TV

The world is moving towards pure self content broadcasting and we users are more demanding today and prefers interactive entertainment rather than spoon feeding one. Sony has realized that it’s the most important target is to get Internet and TV closer together .. best thing of all it has also chosen the best to do it with, which is Google. And I’d also conclude that it’s Android / Chromium based OS for that 1.2 GHz Processing speed on that Screen.

Some quotes from the Source:


Whether or not Google TV is truly the future of the television watching experience remains to be seen, but Sony’s Internet TV specifically does a good job of leveraging what’s there with an existing TV experience and quelled many of our installation fears due to its simple setup process. Unfortunately, the platform’s current drawbacks and the television’s middling display specs make it a tough one to recommend even to early adopters. If connectivity, web access and the potential of Google TV speak to you, we can see it as a worthwhile purchase. At about a $100 premium over Sony’s similarly spec’d EX600 HDTV it’s not too expensive of a bet to make if you’re already in the TV market, but the problem with buying on potential is that it leaves precious little wow factor for you rely on right away.


I’m watching with big time interest. I hope GoogleTV progresses as quickly as Android itself. I’ll be in the market for a new tv in a couple of years so I’m hoping to get this along with a standardized 3D spec. Hopefully my purchase rides in well with next gen consoles.

I also hope content get’s settled by then and is smooth. I love having Netflix on my PS3 as I’m an Ubuntu guy but I’d love to have a nice queue on my tv showing Netflix and Hulu content. Maybe have a blinking light on the tv to let me know I have some goodies when I get home with take out 😛