Review of Content Viewer for Android

As the excitement grows up with Adobe our ambitious as mobile App developers grows up with too, the latest development of Adobe AIR from the previous version of 2.5 until 2.7, as I personally experienced after signing up the prerelease program, a very clever decision was taken to just make the whole Adobe Flash Player 10.3 available to mobile devices running on Android 2.3+:

Intrepid developers can also check out a set of new bleeding-edge technologies in the Flash Player Incubator program on Adobe Labs. On the device side, with the rollout of Android 3.1 users of Honeycomb tablets like the Motorola XOOM will experience performance improvements introduced in Flash Player 10.2. For more information on how Google’s update to Honeycomb improves the experience of content designed for Flash Player

The Future of Publishing
Future of Publishing
According to local dispensaries of newspapers stands the selling has really slowed down, as readers today have access to digital formats of any publication at the tip of their fingers, and few “taps” away.

Now Available: Content Viewer for Android « Adobe Digital Publishing