How to Set Forum as Homepage in vB4

Well in the brilliant and amazing latest upgrade of vBulletin Software to 4.x and tricky on how to make your Forum Home as the default Home page, the 2 ways are:

Option 1:

  1. Find index.php in the installation folder. Open the index.php file in a text editor.
  2. At the bottom find this line
    Comment out this line as with two forward slashes
  3. Find this line
    By default its commented. Take off the two forward slashes to uncomment it as

Option 2:

  • Find index.php in the installation folder. Rename index.php to something else e.g. index_discarded.php
  • Find forum.php in the installation folder. Rename it to index.php
  • Login to admin cp
  • Expand settings
  • Click on options
  • Click on Forums Home Page Options from the menu and then click on Edit Settings button
  • Find the section “Script Name for Forum Home Page”. By default forum is the value in the textbox there.
  • Change the textbox value to index
  • Click on the Save button

Cheers! And you’re done.