1. Euphoric art with forests, trees mushrooms, magical etc.
  2. Foot steps walking in desert, soil, grass
  3. Rain, fire, wind and dirt
  4. Sunsets, sunrise. Golden hour, thought, darkness to light, hardship to ease.
  5. Spiral in spiral out. Reduced to atom. POV of ego death and rebirth. Seeing one self being vaporized in to shards.
  6. Salvador Dalí style, Van Gogh, davinci, sculptures. Music instruments like sitar, sarod, tabla, bass guitar, drums, trumpet. Blues, Jazz and Qawali
  7. Hands clapping, feet stomping. Head bopping. Child aging to old adults and reverse aging.
  8. Psychedelic and euphoric colors, oil on canvas feels. Fractals of Islamic geometric art, vibrant, pastel colors. Portrait shots. Natural photographic shots.
  9. Have a feel of a psychedelic trip with purpose. Midnight blooms represents the hardship of life into the blooms of ease and success and healing
  10. Time lapses of decay and life. Forward and reverse directional lapse. Indulge in vice and good contrast. Single ray sun rise and sets in euphoria.
  11. Foot steps breathing life on to earth. Candle flame eliminates the darkness in the room and lights up life.
  12. Depression is a choice one has the power to rise up and bring about change.
  13. 6 people clapping sitting in a Qawali ensemble to match the claps in the song. Can be fictional or non fictional.
  14. POV of a TV screen or cinema screen for some scenes. From POV to actually be in the environment.
  15. Represents the 6 piece band playing the song. 2 electric guitars, 1 bass guitar, drums, trumpet and synth

Scene 1

Euphoric art with forests, trees mushrooms, magical etc.

Scene 2

Foot steps walking in desert, soil, grass