Broadcasting graphics overlays is an easy way to improve the user experience on your website or application.

At 🐧 , we believe high-quality live streaming should be easy. We’re constantly working to provide simpler ways to increase the production quality of your broadcasts. Enter our Graphic Overlays feature, which gives you the ability to not only up your production value, but also enhance your viewer experience.

An overlay can be a very simple graphic, as uncomplicated as a border that goes around the frame of your video. Wondering how OBS live overlays work? Live streamers on Twitch are big on using overlays because they give you scope to personalise your content. You can also use OBS overlays as placeholders for ‘starting soon’ and ‘thanks for watching,’ so that you aren’t leaving viewers with a blank screen.

Broadcasting graphics overlays can help with eye-catching designs and increased user engagement.

Hasan AlDoy, Broadcast Engineer

With the help of these overlays, you get a lot of freedom to experiment and create something marvelous. Not just that, but the process of creating something eye-catching would be easier as well. Thus, overlays are meant to facilitate your work with ease.

Now that it is prevalent that the audience likes graphics more, there is no denying the fact that images are being flooded on the internet. Therefore, it becomes quite important to make your pictures stand out from the rest. Although there might be several ways to do that, adding an overlay is a considerable one.

Real-time Dynamic Graphics

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Dynamic Graphics overlays can be added using simple code in your streaming platform or software, such as vMix or OBS.

With the DoyTech’s Graphic Overlays feature, you can add PNG images to your broadcast without any extra hardware or software mixer/switcher equipment. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping your graphics onto a canvas on the Dashboard and clicking Apply!

To add your overlays, obtain your code from the backend. Add it as an input to your production suite. It can’t be any easier!

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