BandLuxe HSDPA Modem setup on Mac OSX

Click Continue button

Form next you will get license agrement and click Agree button

Click Install

Now it will ask admin password for perform installation. Type your admin password and click ok to continue

Click on Continue Installations

After that it will install the software.

Now click Restart button to restart the pc. After restating pc you will get Bandluxe software home screen. Close the home screen (it’s no need for the configure the setting)

Now go to System Preferences by clicking System Preference button and open Network under Internet and Network list.

Then following New Interfaces Detected menu may display click OK, and if not, go to next step.
Click ok and you can see several BandLuxe options under network list

Like above screen if it’s not detected go to below step and continue (don’t want to do this step if it is add automatically)

Go to Location ‘ Edit Location…

Make a new new connection by clicking + button I will make My Connection as a new connection click Done

Now you can see BandLuxe data card has automatically added to under net work list .


Select on bandluxe adapter form the list of network

Enter your APN (Access Point) or dialing number under Telephone Number and apply it.

Then Go to Advanced and select Modem tab

Select Vender — Other

Select Model — BandLuxe HSDPA Datacard

Click ok

Click apply button to save the configuration you did

Click check box Show modem status in menu bar. Click Connect button.

Setup is done. Now you are ready to use internet from your MAC PC.

How to install the BandLuxe C270 / C170 Dongle in to the mac OS 10.4 and 10.5?

First plug the HSDPA dongle in to the USB port in your computer.
Then it will pop up BandLuxe C270 install package dialog box like below screen. Double click on BandLuxe Connect.mpkg and run the installations.